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Mirthquake’s quest is to remind us of our ancient, sublime and remarkable concord with cetaceans. Our first project is in regards to the dolphins belonging to the Lau Clan of Silana Village, Tailevu.

Makalati (pronounced “Mah-ka-la-tee) reef is crescent in shape, hence the name “Moon Reef”. It is the once ancient village and home of the “Lau” clan in the village of Silana. The villagers firmly believe that when they die, the dolphins await for their spirits at the bottom of the hill (known as Udukula, pronounced “Oo-do-cooler”) and carry their spirits to their ancient home at Makalati. Dolphins are also believed to carry the spirits of their ancestors back and forth from Makalati to the land.

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Camakau & Na Drua

Drua, also known as Na Drua, N’drua, Ndrua or Waqa Tabu (sacred canoe), is a double-hull sailing boat that originated in the western Pacific islands. When a float (cama) is used in place of the smaller hull, the craft is called a camakau.

The use of fiber boats has become a problem: The engine used is very disruptive to the dolphins, as they use Makalati reef as a place to sleep or rest after a long night. Problems The oil from the fiber boat engine has detrimental effects on the Makalati Reef and its marine habitats which include dolphins.

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