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Mirthquake makes grants to registered charities, organisations and individuals involved with the culture and welfare of cetaceans, as well as initiating its own enterprises.
Over 25 years Mirthquake has established long term relationships with many diverse groups around the world

From time to time, at certain crucial turning points in our cosmic odyssey to self-awareness, there has occurred a cyclical, mystical, mysterious and remarkable communion with the beings of the seas – the cetaceans – the whales and dolphins. Whenever this has happened, a resulting spark of inspiration has illuminated the ensuing phase of the civilising process, only to fade gradually from conscious memory, blending with the chatter of myriad other myths and legends – until the next time. Whales and dolphins – the ancestors of the ancestors.   The record of our inspiriting communion with cetaceans, this space contact between the two great intelligent mammalian races sharing this unique blue speck, is deeply encoded in myth, legend, art and anecdotes, poetry and literature, handed down for many generations.

Whales and dolphins are revered the world over

As we pass through the current crisis of civilisation, toss about in the creative chaos of the cusp between ages, a door of perception is opening again, driven by new knowledge, new insights and the new medium of modern communication.  Once again cetaceans present themselves, as they always have, to assist us. These ancient mythic tales take on dramatic new meaning as science begins to plumb the depths of the cetaceans’ meaning and significance.  Popular imagination is fired with cetacean inspiration.


Man’s profound connection with Cetaceans is key to opening our hearts and minds to the knowledge of what it means to be fully human.  


Allowing our natural compassion, kindness, love, appreciation of abundance and beauty to fuel our imagination and our spirit remains taboo when discussing environmental issues, yet it is the bedrock for action.

More and more people are feeling and crying with good reason. Our tears connect us to the sadness of the earth. We stopped revering Nature, Devising gods in our own image. We give glamour to destruction And beauty to death.

There is a change of awareness In the world, as we begin to understand that Whales and dolphins
Are our greatest archetypal symbols of Man’s reconnection with Nature, our Creator.


Mirthquake Foundations are currently working in Australia, Fiji, The United States of America, Vietnam, Mexico and Central and South America
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