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Mirthquake Foundation



Our Quest


ENDEAVOURS directly or incidentally benefitting the lives and safety of cetaceans

INDIGENOUS GROUPS whose cultures are based on relationship with cetaceans

ADVANCING RECOGNITION and appreciation of cetaceans, their culture, and the role they play in the history and development of mankind

FOSTERING UNDERSTANDING of the health of the oceans, environment and associated human/cetacean issues

The Mirthquake Foundation is a registered charity and assists programs driven by indigenous peoples, with a view to expanding and protecting the whale and dolphin ‘dreaming’ heritage that has been so depleted over the past 200 years. Wherever possible, the Foundation will seek to empower indigenous groups who are striving to maintain the traditions underpinning the fabric of their lives. An important aim of the Foundation is to challenge existing preconceptions about the reality of cetacean consciousness.


Living in complex communities, cetaceans experience emotions and are sentient and sapient beings. Indigenous communities, whose relationship with whales and dolphins is central to their lives and their history, understand instinctively that whales can transfer information from one group mind to another and as difficult as it may be to absorb, relay wisdom to us.

If we lose the wisdom of the whale and dolphin dreaming heritage, we will have lost our lineage and our ancestry. Wisdom and knowledge are gained over thousands of years, they are sediment that builds and we are at risk of letting this be erased from memory. It provides the key to living with and from nature. We lose cetaceans through killing, poisoning, plastic ingestion, sonar….. we lose our oceans. Then we ourselves are lost.


Humankind’s profound connection with Cetaceans is key to opening our hearts and minds to the knowledge of what it means to be fully human.

Allowing our natural compassion, kindness, love, appreciation of abundance, and beauty to fuel our imagination and our spirit remains taboo when discussing environmental issues, yet it is the bedrock for action.

Projects & Partnerships

Over 25 years Mirthquake has established long term relationships with many diverse groups around the world, including in the USA, Canada, Galapagos Islands, Russia and Indonesia.

Mirthquake makes grants to registered charities, organisations and individuals involved with the culture and welfare of cetaceans, as well as initiating its own enterprises.



Parvati Foundation

MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, declares the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle an international peace park, free from exploitation of all kinds, in perpetuity. It prohibits all activities harmful to the health of the vulnerable Arctic Ocean ecosystem and its sea ice.

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