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The Sounding is a part of Mirthquake Limited, an organization dedicated to articulating this remarkable phenomenon, in music, film, live performance, along with Mirthquake Productions Ltd. and Mirthquake Foundation, a UK based registered charity


Formed in 2013 and based in the West Country, The Sounding are Dave Grier (Engineer, Producer, DJ) Kevin Lloyd (Producer, DJ) Ian Middleton (Producer, DJ) Max Middleton (Music Director, Keyboards) and Napier Marten (Producer, Creator).

Napier Marten has dedicated his life to ‘Seeking Cetaceous Insight’ between mankind and cetaceans. Leaving his old life behind, he has put his words into action by pursuing this understanding through travel, film making (Whale Dreamers 2006), live performance, and Mirthquake Foundation.

Max Middleton’s talent on keyboards and in composition has seen him work with many great artists including Jeff Beck, Beck, Bogart and Appice,
Hummingbird, George Martin on the soundtrack of Sergeant Pepper, The Bee Gee’s, Peter Frampton, Kate Bush, Chris Rea, and the late John Martyn among others.

Legends & Tales of Dolphins & Whales also features some of the UK’s most established session musicians including Dick Pearce (Flugelhorn), Kate Shortt
John McKenzie to name a few. The album was engineered by Dennis Weinreich at Sensible Music in London.

Music for Film & Television

Mirthquake Limited is thrilled their album Legends & Tales of Dolphins & Whales by The Sounding has been picked up by Hackenbacker for potential synchro use and song placements. 

Hackenbacker has a wide and well-respected name in this field and the company looks forward to a long and successful relationship with Nigel Heath and Tom Allom.



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Mirthquake Limited Album, 

‘Legends & Tales of Dolphins & Whales’ 

by The Sounding,

rights holder and publisher

Mirthquake Full Album, 

‘Legends & Tales of Dolphins & Whales’ 

by The Sounding,

rights holder and publisher


1. Genesis



The Creator said, “Let the waters bring forth a multitude of living creatures”. Thus on the fifth day came great Whales with every living creature that moves, of every kind, with which the waters swarm.

Legends & Tales of Dolphins & Whales Song List

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