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A Quest

Mirthquake’s quest is to remind us of our ancient, sublime, and remarkable concord with cetaceans. These beings have been our guides and helpmeets since a time before memory. We know this because of the vast body of stories, myths, and legends which have passed down millennia and because we are once again being summoned to the ocean’s shores to listen. As Credo Mutwa’s words succinctly say, Man, must again revere nature just as nature reveres man.

ARE YOU LISTENING? (Credo Mutwa) More and more people are feeling and crying with good reason. Our tears connect us to the sadness of the earth. We stopped revering Nature, Devising gods in our own image. We give glamour to destruction And beauty to death. There is a change of awareness In the world that begins now to understand that Whales and dolphins are the greatest archetypal symbols to us of Man’s reconnection with Nature, our Creator.

Our quest is to bring awareness to all, be they continents, countries or peoples, to the importance of interconnection between all things. Cetaceans are fully aware of this universal truth.

To respect, redefine and relearn what it means to be truly human. To protect our planet and know that from time immemorial our connection to cetaceans was one of mutual reverence and love, of respect and power. 

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