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Why Mirthquake Is Different

There are many organisations involved with the preservation of cetaceans and conservation of the oceans, and they do brilliant, courageous, valuable, and effective work.

Mirthquake’s approach comes from a view focusing on man's unique relationship with whales and dolphins, encouraging this bond to ensure the continuity of this profound tie and its effects.

There are many First Nation peoples around the world who have maintained a long and remarkable relationship to the cetaceans which inhabit their traditional waters.

The truth is cetaceans are actively engaged in the destiny of man. After all the horror and carnage we have perpetrated, it is truly remarkable cetaceans remain full of love for us, are curious of us and seek engagement.

Mirthquake's Deep Voices Foundation sees this as a pivotal time in the development of human self-knowing and recognises that cetaceans, who have played such an important role through history, are once again calling us back to a place of understanding.

In the background, whales are holding the space for this to happen; it takes enormous energy to penetrate the thick pall of separation that wraps us and draws us away from nature and our closest allies.

Whales maintain and energise the magnetic glue of love which is spread around the globe by the magnetic wind of love, touching all beings and all things.

This work can only be facilitated with generous support both through a donation of funds, and through the sharing of knowledge and love.

We are in a period of conscious evolution and it is the Foundation’s hope that you will support our endevours and join this global conversation.

The interconnectedness of all beings has always existed. We have numbed ourselves and frayed the strands of that deep understanding with nature. We have ceased to care. Without care and love we see no need to protect and nurture. Without the desire to do this we too will be destroyed. Cetaceans are constantly sending us a message.

We need to listen. Please become involved. 

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