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About Mirthquake Productions Limited

Mirthquake recognises cetaceans embody the oldest form of consciousness on Earth, symbolised in the myths and stories from all around the world, of people ancient and modern. Mirthquake Productions exists to tell these stories.

Help us tell these important stories by donating to our cause.


Mirthquake Productions, Ltd.

In Development

In Development


Micro Movies






Mirthquake Productions, Ltd. is presently on a globetrot to pre-arranged locations looking to complete a series of micro-movies (2.5-3.5 minutes) to illustrate the varied forms of cetacean insight to be found in many places throughout the world with many people involved in protection and reverence toward our cetacean family.



Location completed:

Coastal temples in Vietnam 

The locations in development: 

• Dolphin Dreamers, Fiji 

• Whale Kahuna Wisdom, Molokai 

• The Modern Cetacean Tribe, Hawaii 

• Dolphin People of California 

• Orca Dreamers, Washington State and British Colombia 

Future proposals include:

• Imraguen of Mauritania 

• Mandalay Fishermen of Myanmar 

• The Maori of Whakatane country 

• Dolphin callers from Butaritari in Kiribati

• Nuu-Chath-Nulth & Kwa-Kwa-Utl in BC

• Grey Whale shamans from Kamchatka

• Iñupiat of Arctic Alaska

The content will also be used as the basis for funding an in-depth documentary/travelogue revealing the human/cetacean relationship around the world. 

This is in the earliest stages of development. 

Mirthquake Foundation seeks sponsorship and/or donation to be able to complete this adventure. 

Sponsors will of course be suitably credited. 

Donations have already made it possible to complete the Vietnamese Temple film. 


Because of the ad-hoc nature of these films, costings can only be speculation at this time and will be limited to $10,000 USD, judging by past experience.


This funding will ensure the following-:

• All travel for crew/participants 

• All accommodation 

• Filming and editing 

• Fees 

• Contingency 

• Publicity & promotion 

• Donations to connected Foundations 

As a Trustee, Napier’ Marten's costs are minimal, and he receives no remuneration. The majority of his travel costs are paid, likewise most accommodation. 

If you would like to help this endeavor, please use the donate button and clarify you wish the amount to be used on this endeavor. 

We are also working on feature length projects that support the arts in the UK and beyond...

Castle Scotland

A Croft In The Hills

‘On a croft there is the intimacy and warmth of immediate contact with the fundamentals
and there is wholeness. To wrestle with things in the raw is a craving of every human

Gigs Available

Working from Home

Seeking a Writer

for a film/series on Charles Sturt, the Grandfather of Australian Exploration

We are currently seeking an experienced screenwriter to work with us on a feature length film and/or television series. Must have great research skills and ability to tell the story in an engaging way.

Please provide your CV listing relevant work, and share writing samples, to



Whale Temples of Vietnam

Whale Dreamers 2006



Thanks for submitting!

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